衣類のお直し - Garment Adjustments (B1F)


We offer size adjustments and repair services for garment purchased at TOMORROWLAND Shops. Fees vary with the service requested.

メンズフォーマルウエア - Men's Formalwear (B1F)


TOMORROWLAND offers a collection that ranges from semiformal wear to party wear. We offer size adjustments to fit the needs of the customers.
Delivery takes an approximate 2 weeks after order. Please feel free to contact the sales staff for further details.

メンズオーダー - Tailored Men's suit Order (B1F)


In addition to our wide array of off-the-rack suits, TOMORROWLAND also has a made to measure tailoring services. We offer a rich selection of textiles and patterns to help customers create the ideal individualized suit. Services ranges from pattern orders, semi orders, and full orders.
Delivery takes an approximate 2 months after order. Please feel free to contact sales staff for further details.


メンズドレスシャツのイニシャル入れ、モチーフ刺繍入れ - Men's Dress Shirts: Custom designs (B1F)


Customers can customize dress shirts purchased at TOMORROWLAND.
Additionally, we offer embroidery services with a number of fonts, colors, and designs to choose from.
Orders approximately take a month to deliver with fees varying by service. Please feel free to contact sales staff for further details.

HAPPY クリーニング - Cleaning Services

大切な衣類のクリーニングには「HAPPY クリーニング」をご紹介いたします。

We recommend “Happy Cleaning” services for your cherished garments.


シューズリペア - Shoe Repairs


Shoes purchased at TOMORROWLAND can be brought in for sole exchanges, heel replacements, repairs, and so forth. Shoes will be handled by a specialist at our trusted shoe repair service provider, BRASS.

BRASS Shorepair&Products

ウィメンズ ファッションリングオーダー - Women's Fashion Ring Orders

〈SATOMI KAWAKITA JEWELRY〉〈hum〉 など、ファッションリングのオーダーを承ります。

We accept orders on rings from SATOMI KAWAKITA JEWELRY, hum, etc.
We also accept orders for marriage and engagement rings.

アンティークウォッチのメンテナンス - Antique Watch Maintenance and Repair


We offer periodic overhauls (maintenance) and repairs on antique watches purchased at TOMORROWLAND.
Please present your warranty card to the staff when requesting this service. Feel free to contact staff for further details.

トゥモローランド メンバーズカード - TOMORROWLAND MEMBER'S CARD


Become a member today and enjoy benefits such as free delivery. Once a member, you can edit your registered information and view your points online.


ギフトラッピング - Gift wrapping


We offer gift wrapping services for products purchased in TOMORROWLAND shop. This service is free for all TOMORROWLAND Member's cardholders.

駐車券サービス - Parking

cocoti 駐車場をご利用いただけます。

Parking is available within the cocoti building. Parking is free for 1 hour for customers who made purchases of ¥5,000 or more, 2 hours for customers with purchases of ¥10,000 or more.
*Maximum parking time is 2 hours. See chart for parking size availability.

cocoti SHIBUYA(渋谷 ココチ)

免税手続き -Tax-free Shopping


Customers who reside outside of Japan (visiting for at most 90 days) can make purchases without consumption tax. Tax-free shopping applies to purchases over ¥5,001 on consumable goods (perfumes, food, etc.) and ¥10,001 for other goods (clothing, shoes, bags, etc.)

ギフト券(クレジットカード会社発行) - Gift Cards


Gift Cards and certificates are accepted. *With the exception of gift certificates from national department chains.

クレジットカード、銀聯カード - Credit Card, China Union Pay

VISA、JCB、MASTER、AMERICAN EXPRESSなどのクレジットカード各種、そして銀聯カードをご利用いただけます。

Credit Card Payments and China Union Pay Payments are accepted.

配送サービス - Delivery Services


We are happy to deliver any purchases you make in store(Domestic delivery).
*Fees vary on delivery locations. Delivery is free for all Member's cardholders.